Back To The Middle is a blog that will examine and discuss topics that are relevant to everyday life and help gain insight into how to live a more balanced life. I thought it appropriate to discuss in my first blog balance and what that means in our day to day activities.

By definition balance means, “A condition in which different elements are equal or in correct proportion”. The phrase “Back to the Middle” leans towards the first part of this definition of balance and in theory works great. But in life, when we factor in our experience, preference, and circumstance, the “middle” may not always be balance. The second part of the definition says, “in correct proportion” which may be the real middle or balance.

Let’s look at some examples. A person that enjoys spending time alone, but has had to spend a large portion of time being with people may need more time alone than what is usual for them to feel rejuvenated. The recovery time or time alone will differ depending upon how much time has been spent with others. What if you’re a person who has lived your life in a compliant state and never really exercised your right to say “No” ?  Once you begin to exercise your right to say “No” and choose for yourself, you may tend to over indulge on the side of saying “No” and have to come back toward the middle to find the correct proportion of saying “No”. Finding the “correct proportion” for yourself is true balance or back to your middle. So what areas in your life are in need of coming Back to the Middle?